European Artificial Grass

The best models of artificial grass, different from any other type that you have seen or known and that make them ideal for any space.

Fiber made with the latest technology. Top quality product of the highest quality. Finishes and beauty identical to natural grass. Very durable and practically maintenance-free.

Respectful with the environment and 100% recyclable. The best option for private, urban and public works landscaping projects.


Artificial Grass Characteristics

Fibers made with the latest technologies

Top quality and highest quality product

Finishes identical to natural grass

Respectful with the environment

Made with 100% recyclable materials

The best option for landscaping


What is required of Artificial Grass?

Make it soft
Maximum comfort thanks to the careful selection of extra soft fibers.

That does not shine
Dull Matt technology generates matte colored fibers that give artificial grass realism and eliminate unwanted glare.

That recovers verticality
Thanks to the Cool Memory System footprint recovery system, our products remain vertical giving a more natural effect, reducing periodic brushing.

European Artificial Grass Manufacturing

We are committed to the manufacture of products in Europe, which is why we use exclusive raw materials, such as polyethylene fibers from TENCATE GRASS, BONAR YARNS and MATTEX, whose quality controls guarantee the excellence of our products.


is the official distributor of the latest generation artificial grass, made in the European Union by the manufacturer Sungrass.


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